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AVAYA Contact Store

Integrated Voice Logging for IP Office

Many businesses record interactions with customers, suppliers and other third parties. These interactions include enormous amounts of valuable information and insight that, if made easily available to the right people in your business, can help you improve the service you offer to your customers while improving operational efficiency and business effectiveness.

Avaya Contact Store – What is it?

IP Office ContactStore, available through VoiceMail Pro Call Recording, provides the ability to search and replay your valuable recorded interactions. This solution is exclusively available to AVAYA IP Office users, and can be provided as an add on to new, and existing IP Office 400/500 systems.


Search—Authorized users can use this browser-based application to retrieve calls based on search filters including start date/time, duration of call, name of the party calling, and the target or dialled number.

Replay—To replay recordings, simply click on the buttons next to the calls listed on your PC screen and listen through your PC soundcard. You can graphically “see” into the call using the Energy Envelope feature and rapidly identify points of interest to review, such as a prolonged silence, or raised voice portions of conversations, in which the application points to opportunities to improve call handling or productivity.

Export—With IP Office ContactStore and the proper security, you can quickly export recordings to non-system users. The system saves recorded calls as industry standard WAV files that can be distributed to anyone who can replay the file on a workstation with a web browser and a media player. For example, a call from one of your top sales executives that illustrates the perfect up-selling call can be sent to the rest of your sales team for training purposes.


bullet Reduce operational cost bullet Increase revenue
bullet Improve customer service and satisfaction bullet Reduce risk
bullet Make more informed decisions bullet Better understand customers and employees
bullet Improve employee training and coaching  
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